Thank you! Masha danki! Hartelijk dank! Muchas gracias!

There are so many people to thank on whatever road you walk on.

On this page, I will be accumulating names of people and institutions that helped me on the road and during the road to my Ph.D.

November 20th, 2018.

At the beginning of the road I have to thank all people that believe that I can do this:

First of all, I want to thank my parents, Edith & Franklyn Mac Leod, for their support in whatever I do. I can always count on them.

Thanks to:

Sensei Raul de Windt, my love, a very special person, who made me realize where my purpose lies and that I am much stronger than I think.

Kaina Mac Leod, my daughter for taking pictures for me.

Dr. Dirk Wongsopawiro, for coaching and preparing me for all that is coming.

Dr. Elisabeth Echteld, my dean, for giving me this opportunity.

Dr. Ludo Verhoeven, for transforming my questions, passion, and ideas into research questions in a very inspiring way.

Dr. Ronald Severing, for his advice and guidance in the preparation of it all.

Drs. Adriënne Fernandes, for correcting my English of some of my posts on this website.

Jouni Kangasniemi, for providing me links to Finnish research.

Dr. Margo Groenewoud, for providing pictures for my website.

Clemens Everts, for having my back literally.

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  1. Good luck Mary-Ann. You’ve got this. I only found your website just a minute ago. Have been following you for a while on FB for quite some time. I admire your perseverance and I’m sure you will achieve your Ph.D. Proud of you!

    1. Thank you, Chantal.

      I just wanted to research some things I encountered during my years of teaching. But because of the complicated matter and because such research has never been done on the island they asked me to turn it into a Ph.D. traject. There will be different moments of measurement and I will be publishing about them.
      It will be a longitudinal research. So I need a lot of perseverance, patience, and some more things.

      I hope I can count on you for some translations in the future.

      Love you,

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